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Prop Hub


Many boaters have heard the heart-dropping thud of their propeller hitting a sandbar or an object in the water. Even if the blades are just a "little" bent, running a damaged prop affects both the health and overall performance of the boat's engine.

A propeller that has sustained damage does not spin true. This creates harmful vibrations that transfer to an engine's gearcase or even the powerhead. Over time, this will cause engine damage or failure. The damaged parts of the prop blade also degrade hydrodynamic efficiency, creating poor performance.

Carrying a spare prop eliminates these unwanted situations. Using a system with an interchangeable hub makes it simpler and less expensive to change out props.

Turning Point Propellers offers the MasterGuard interchangeable hub system on its entire line of aluminum and stainless steel propellers. The hub itself helps keep an engine healthy by utilizing a high-tech polymer that absorbs damaging shift shock and engine vibrations. Brass tabs reinforce the cushion structure, giving the hub a long life.

A heavy-duty spacer on the hub adapts to all OEM thrust washers. Tapered keyways in the hub match with those inside the prop for a secure fit.

Perf ormance- enhancing features are also built into the MasterGuard hub system. It boasts a diameter among the smallest in the industry, which allows for maximum exhaust flow, better fuel efficiency and higher horsepower.

The interchangeable hub adapts to a variety of propeller sizes. This means the essential spare prop boaters should carry onboard can be of a lower pitch. In addition to serving as a spare should the main prop become damaged, it can also be used when a boater wants to pull a skier, or when he loads up the boat with people and gear for a fun day on the water.

Turning Point Propellers MasterGuard hubs retail from $30 to $43. The company's line of propellers start at around $90.

Contact Turning Point Propellers, 896 Cambridge Dr., Elk Grove Village, IL 60007. 847-437-6800; Fax: 847-437-6868.;

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