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We prepare our readers like no other source. This is because GULF COAST FISHERMAN magazine is the only place you'll find the Wells Daily Fishing Forecast. This exclusive forecast to Gulf Coast Fisherman has been in continual print since 1956 and is used by thousands of fishermen each day to plan fishing trips far in advance. And, we have the articles on saltwater fishing that give you plenty of the"how to" for finding trout, flounder, reds, and the same for offshore; like snapper, ling, king, wahoo and more!

Along with the WELLS DAILY FISHING FORECAST, each issue of Gulf Coast Fisherman brings you:

- Daily Tide Tables - 3 months - West, North, & Florida Gulf Coast

- Monthly Fishing Calendars - West, North, & Florida Gulf Coast

- Monthly Offshore Fishing Forecast - Offshore current predictions

- Advance Planning Calendars - An additional 3 months of ability to pick the best fishing days!

- Feature Articles - Covering the entire Gulf Coast


    o Equipment Notebook
    o Tackle Time
    o Paddling Out
    o Bay Naturalist
    o Gulf Coast Closeup
    o The Bait Hook


What is the Wells Daily Fishing Forecast?

The times to fish you will see in the Wells Daily Fishing Forecast is based on tidal currents; the horizontal flow of water in and out of our bay systems. Tidal currents determine how frequently, how fast, and how far baitfish will move within a bay system. Tidal Current predictions provide the only advance information available to fishermen on the movement of baitfish and, therefore, gamefish. It is important to fish when currents are moving.


How can anyone know in advance what a fish will do?

Knowing in advance where to find gamefish would be much more difficult if it weren't for an advance predictable force that controls all movement of baitfish.. This "force" is a tidal current speed in the area of .3 knot. The Wells Daily Fishing Forecast gives you the Start and End times for these important tidal current movements.

I have no time to "Plan in Advance." I only fish when I can, no time to plan. How can "fishing with the currents" help me?

The tidal currents control fishing profitability, in all bay systems. If you know in advance what the tidal currents are doing when you arrive on the water, it saves you valuable time by allowing you to go directly to the most productive areas for the type of current and tide in process, or due to occur. Why fish dead water where there is no movement of baitfish, or water such as that in a narrow pass, where a strong current is moving baitfish through so rapidly that there will be no sustained feeding activity at your spot?

Why can't I always catch fish at the same time at the same place. I've found somedays and times are better than others.

The reason you find fish at a given location is because their food is there. Fish food, such as shrimp and baitfish, do not move any great distance at all except for when tidal currents forcibly push them through the bay systems. Tidal currents are controlled primarily by lunar influences and this occurs generally later each day.

Determine which tidal currents are the best for putting bait at your favorite location and you should consistently find fish there on favorable currents.

The Wells Daily Fishing Forecast sometimes show the current still to be coming in after high tide and ebbing after low tide. How can this be?

The times of High Water or Low Water are NOT correlated directly to the time of Maximum or Minimum tidal current. Bottom characteristics such as natural or manmade channels and natural or unnatural obstructions to current flow can all contribute to timing differences.

How can I use the Forecast to improve my fishing results.

Fishermen use the Wells Daily Fishing Forecast to plan their fishing in advance. By knowing in advance what the tidal currents will be doing when you arrive on the bay, you will know when to fish the flats, reefs, shallow bars and marshes located throughout our bay systems.

How do I adjust the tides or Forecast to my favorite fishing area?

Each issue of the magazine has Adjustment Tables applicable to the three months of Wells Daily Fishing Forecast and the Tide Tables you will find in each issue of the magazine. eiveSeparate tables of the Wells Daily Fishing Forecast and Tides are provided for the West Gulf, North Gulf And Florida Gulf.

If my favorite fishing location is not inluded in the Adjustment Tables how do I compensate?

Usually, it is only a matter of locating an area in the Adjustment Tables closest to your location and adding or subtracting minutes based based on the distance and direction from that location as listed in the magazine. Generally, 6 minutes per mile over open water can be used as a rule of thumb. After fishing an area a few times and noticing currents and tide levels you can get a fairly accurate idea of when to fish an area based on the time of the closest location listed in the Adjustment Tables.

If I subscribe how soon will I receive my magazine?

If you want to have a particular issue mailed to you immediately, add on an additional $1.50 s&h to the subscription amount. Otherwise, the magazine will be mailed in the next periodical class mailing, which usually occur 15-20 days apart. Usually we make 5-6 supplemental mailings by the midway point of the quarter. After the midway point, unless notified to send the current issue, we will begin the subscription with the next issue.

Do you offer anything else for fishermen?

Our most popular product is our Advance Planning Wall Calendar. This calendar provides a one year advance look-ahead. This is composed of all fishing calenders that will be in the magazine for the full year.

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